"It’s okay. At your age, things usually don’t work out. If things worked out all the time, that would be really strange. But my son, when the sun comes up early, your shadow will form earlier, too. Just because things work out quickly, it doesn’t guarantee that your life will be good. The way things work out, there are usually reasons. So don’t cry. The things that hurt are part of your youth".

I think that heart was a gift for you, Bom Yi. You’re a very kind person. You’re very warmhearted. You’re always gentle and warm even to strangers. Your heart was meant as a gift for you because you’ve done so many good things. I don’t want you to think you’re indebted in some way for it.

"Stephanette was the most beautiful maiden I’d seen all my life. Never had the heavens appeared to me so profound. Never where the stars so brilliant. Stephanette rested thus… without stirring. One of the most brilliant… most exquisite stars… having lost its way… alighted on my shoulder to sleep".

"I didn’t want to feel small. Yoon Eun Ho escorted your Grandfather in his nice car, but I have nothing to show except for being a dishwasher in his restaurant. […] Because I wanted to hold on to you, that’s why. So I wanted to look good in front of your Grandfather. I just ended up showing the pathetic side of me. That’s how I am. I’m the kind of guy who can be as good as that."

"I really thought long and hard about what it is that you truly need. I hope that you don’t fall head over heels in love with me over this".

Lost In Love
야광토끼 (Neon Bunny) — PLAYED 3,747 TIMES


Neon Bunny — “Lost in Love” (My Secret Hotel OST)